CPU temp monitoring issue

Hey Guys,

I have speedfan and it is telling me that my cpu temp is 128 c. After some reading it seems to be a problem with Haswell i5 (I've got a 4670K).

Are there any better programmes for monitoring temps? I heard about core temp and real temp but also heard there was a virus issue with core temp at the moment?

Will any programme give me a min/ max reading of cpu temp?

My system is normally idling when I check my temps with speedfan and as it's reading 128 c all the time it would be nice to know what temp my cpu is at during gaming. I was told the bios gives accurate temps but that's only really good for idle temps right?
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  1. CompuTronix said:

    Thanks that gave me an understanding. As I'm already using Speedfan I should be watching the core temps to be more accurate by the sound of it.
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