Motherboard: ECS MCP61M-M3 Processor AMD ATHLON II, planning to upgrade nvidia or ati radeon?

planning to upgrade, what graphics card u should use? ati radeon or nvidia?
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  1. Which Athlon II do you have?
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    Quite a broad question but I'll give you the all-to know info. Nvidia, tend to have better drivers/game support for games for most games then to AMD, This leads to better performance in games and that's what everyone wants. Radeon cards, tend to be cheaper as AMD like to have competition, they don't have as good driver/game support as Nvidia which can lead to poorer performance in games then a less powerful Nvidia card. AMD do have a stronger point though, In video editing and 3D work AMD cards tend to do a lot better in those kind of non-gaming regions whilst in games Nvidia are better. Ultimately the choice lies in your budget, AMD tend to have cheaper cards which have normally better slightly better performance stat wise but in games the driver will ultimately tell the difference. Nvidia, tend to be more expensive and that's not because of the brand, But driver/support across a vaster selection of games are better overall. But with really popular games, drivers aren't normally an issue with both companies. My overall choice is AMD, there prices tend to be quite a bit cheaper and with that with both a Radeon card and a Nvidia card that cost the same price, a Radeon card will probably be the best choice for you. Hope this helps.
  3. amd athlon II x2 processor.
  4. thanks for you answers. one more thing i'm always confused with the "bits" on everything about a computer. for example. nvidia graphics card 1gb 128 bits? what is the meaning of bits in general?
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