Is it worth buying a laptop?

Im using a pc at present so do you think its useful to buy a laptop if u got other gadgets like a tab and a gud smart phone,because u can do almost da things done with a pc frm them too right?
im still a student and wont be using it for professional stuff.for me laptop is gonna be useful mostly if i go out doors because i always use the pc at will buying a laptop come in handy for me and be totally different experience from the pc?:):):)
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    No. I personally don't think a laptop is very useful when you have a pc. I see a lot of people just have it plugged in all the time and use it as a desktop. If you are a professional or student I can see where taking it to work or school and back home again would be useful but as a user it seems a waste. Save your money for the next tablet or what not that is way more portable and always has better battery life. :)
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