Could a case issue prevent a computer from booting?

Around December of 2012 I built a computer and it worked fine for a year, after a year passed my computer just shut off and wouldn't turn on. I originally tried replacing the power supply to no avail, then the motherboard with no results again, finally I tried replacing the processor and again, nothing. Now I'm at a loss since I don't know too much about fixing computers and that leads to my question; could there be something wrong with the case itself that would completely stop the computer from booting? The first time I press the power button after letting the computer sit for a while, the power LED will flash on the inside and one of the fans will begin to turn for like a millisecond and then nothing.

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  1. allocco91 said:

    I have, over the course of the two months that it's been broken I've tried just about everything I could find to try and fix it (including the steps in that thread) without success before coming to the possibility of the case being the problem.
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    Try this. If it doesn't POST, it's your mobo.

    Edit: Classic album, BTW. If that's what your username refers to.
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