Corsair XMS3 4gb(2x2gb)

Hi guys
i have Gigabyte GA-770TA-UD3 Mother board with 4 ram slots, and 2 packs of DDR3 2x2gb corsair xms3 RAM. My pc recognises 4gb ram with both installed (if i remove one of them it says 2gb).

The RAM stick says exactly: Corsair XMS3 1333MHz 4Gb(2X2Gb) 9-9-9-24 1.50v v2.2

Im confused i got 2 RAM memories 4gb each (8gb total) or they are 2gb each(4gb total)?
what does 2x2gb stand after all.

ty in advance
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    You have a total of 4GB of RAM. 2x2GB means that you have two sticks of RAM and each stick is 2GB in size.
  2. Are you saying 2 packages of 2 sticks in each, 4 sticks all together? or simply 2 sticks of DRAM total
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