windows7 boot only from cd and the keyboard doesn't work in bios

I installed win 7 home premium onto a new HDD. Everything went OK. I even activated windows but the computer boots only from the installation CD. When I enter bios and try to change setting to boot from the HDD everything stops. The keyboard is not working and the clock is stopped! Then I can only power down the PC. I switched keyboards but with no luck! When win 7 starts via installation CD everything is working fine. Do you have any suggestions to overcome using the installation CD for booting? Could the motherboard be damaged? It worked fine until the installment of windows.
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  1. try unplugging your hard drive and cd-rom see if you can get into the bios without error. if you can check the bios rev of the mb make sure your running the newest bios file and xmp profile for the ram is on. go into boot devices and change it to hard drive. also check that your drives are on the intel or amd sata ports and not on the extra 3 party sata ports those ports are not made for boot devices. also in the bios make sure your sata ports are not set to raid or ide. if the mb still locks up try the keyboard on a black usb 2.0 port and try clearing the cmos.
  2. I reset the motherboard (asus P5B) via the jumber and now the PC is booting from the HDD. But I still cannot get into bios because the keyboard is not working while in bios. What is a black usb port?
  3. :)Well, hello again. I am back to give you the solution to my problem. Together with windows 7 I installed a new graphic card, and (guess what) when I reinstalled the old graphic card, everything went back to normal! I reported the symptom to the shop I have had purchased the graphic card and they suggested I should "flash my bios". It took me a while to find the right way to do it, but when I updated my bios via a usb flash drive and then put the new graphic card everything went OK. I write these lines to share my "solution" with the community. I want to thank you for your answers and your perseverance in keep saying that one should examine his hardware piece by piece.
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