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The 1TB hard drive on my dell desktop is dead and cant be saved. The computer is 2-3 years old and I'm out of warranty. I have purchased a 240GB SSD and a 1 TB HD to replace my old drive. My questions are:
1. Since there are no backup discs from Dell can I download Windows 7 from someplace on another computer and create a boot disc to clean install using the old Dell window 7 key #? If so, how do I do this?
2. Will I have any problems with dell proprietary issues etc. using a clean drive or using the old windows 7 key?
3. It was recommended to not install windows 8 and keep with windows 7 since the computer was initially built around that os.
Appreciate all of your help to solve this problem. Thanks, Tony
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    Assuming you have the activation key:

    1. Obtain the relevant Win 7 ISO here:
    Burn to DVD
    2. Obtain all the drivers for the hardware from Dell, Motherboard, LAN, etc.
    3. Install
  2. In order to get the drivers for your Dell computer, go to Dell's website, create an account if you need to (probably do), then enter in the Dell Service Tag of your PC (it is on a sticker somewhere on your PC, consisting of about seven upper case characters (letters and numbers)). This will call up your individual PC from Dell's database, and you will be able to download all drivers and software that Dell included with the computer. I've done this many times and it works well.

    And make sure the version of Windows you download and burn to a DVD is the exact same one that came with your Dell PC.
  3. Ok - thanks for your help. Unfortunately now, I cant get to the second step. I burned the Windows 7 boot disc but when I put it in the computer it just keeps making 3 beeping sounds over and over. Second, I have a cordless mouse and keyboard. I assume there would not be drivers for those so I will have to use a regular keyboard? Thanks again everybody!
    also - can I upload a pic in the post or is posting a link the only way?
  4. There is a way to upload pics but I don't know how it's done.

    Windows 7 usually finds drivers for keyboards and mice, even wireless ones, once it is installed and has access to the Internet. However, you may need at least a USB-wired keyboard and mouse in order to get it installed (to navigate through the install screens).

    No message on the screen when trying to boot? Try going into BIOS (with a wired keyboard of course) and setting the first boot device to the DVD drive. Even if you screwed up the making of the boot disk and for some reason it wasn't boo-table, you should at least get a message from BIOS telling you to provide a boot-able medium. Something else is wrong. Something is preventing BIOS from starting up properly and looking for boot media.
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