amd a10-5800k running 95 C too hot

Hi max safe temp is 75, and i'm just using the stock cpu cooler. I know I should get another one, all I'm doing is running a file duplicate remover program which really maxes out the cpu.

I won't be able to buy a cooler til next week, so just wanted to see if I have anything to worry about... I've read that lowering the voltage is a good idea, but I've never played with overclocking so not sure I want to touch that. But if you think that would help, interested in hearing your suggestions.

Would appreciate your advice, this website is my go-to for tech questions, looking forward to your response.
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  1. Running a CPU 20c over the max is not a good idea and excess heat will damage the CPU , until you get the proper cooling part I would not run any application that stresses the CPU to such high temps.
  2. take your cpu off clean the cooler and remove the dust.
    if its still 95c i would not use the pc if i was you, in case of damaging the cpu.
  3. Remove the heatsink and clean it out dirt and dust remove the thermal paste with 99 percent alcohol the kind you guy in the store rubbing that is not the kind you drink lol. then get you some good thermal paste use only a pea size drop in the center of the cpu replace the heatsink fan combo and check your temps... also download real temp if you haven't got it to monitor the temps of the apu.
    I have a 5800 k and when I used the stock heatsink fan my temps never even came close to what your having even maxing out the system. Something isn't right.
  4. Thank you for your quick responses. It did not come with any thermal paste, but it was sticky to the touch so I figured it would be fine, wasn't sure if I actually needed to buy any and put it on. I suppose getting some and a real cooler would help. But yes, something definitely does not seem right.
  5. Yes the stick stuff was thermal paste from the factory you did leave it on when you installed the cpu? yes??????
  6. Alright, after a fun day of research I've figured a few things out. Looks like certain AMD processors like Trinity cause issues with *some* programs. :) First off, I should have mentioned that the program I was using for the temp is CPUID Hardware Monitor Pro, which ran very high looking at the Package temperature. After testing with several programs and putting it under a torture test with prime95, rebooting into bios etc. I figured that the CPUID program (and AMD Overdrive) were not the most reliable programs to be checking temps. Got to a point where I could monitor a bunch of programs at the same time to compare temps. Tried Argus, Core Temp (has to be RC5), AMD Overdrive, hardware monitor pro and normal version, hrm also used Speccy and tried out Speedfan.

    Just determined that all is good, and should not rely on one program, but to monitor many, and I'm pretty satisfied that this chip can handle what I can throw at it... for the moment... but I think it would work better if I had more cores! I used 1-Click Duplicate Delete for Files which maxes out the cpu like I can't believe. Then I used Remove Empty Directories which also used a lot of cpu but interestingly maxed out my 8 gb of ram. 1-Click didn't max out the ram... but Empty D did, and that caused my computer to freeze, which 1-Click did not do. Made me think that I should get more ram, if it freezes when it's all being used. Well in any case I'd like to get a better cooler but all is good for now.
  7. You can also go into msconfig

    start run type msconfig hit enter then boot tab then advance then number of processors change from 1 to 4 since you have a quad ok then your set.
  8. johnnyb105 said:
    You can also go into msconfig

    start run type msconfig hit enter then boot tab then advance then number of processors change from 1 to 4 since you have a quad ok then your set.

    What exactly does this do? I understand this is an old post, but I am hoping to get an answer. I have the exact same CPU - a10 5800k. It is 'new to me'. I am looking at HWMonitor and see the exact same readings as OP.
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