How do I reduce Noise?

I recently built a new gaming rig (YAY ME!!!!), and the thing that I notice is how loud it is. I am generally unbothered by it since I use a headset (G930s), but I would like to correct this. Here are my specs, from IMO, most probable of noise to least. Words in () are my hunches on what is causing the sond
AMD FX-8350 (Stock Cooler)
GTX 770 4gb Non-OC (Triple fans FTW)
CM Storm Scout 2 Advanced (Stock Fans)
Rosewill RG630-S12 630W PSU (Fan?)
M5A97 LE R2.0 (Possibly BIOS not controlling fans well?)
WD Blue 1tb (HDD Clicks)
G.Skill Sniper Series 1866 mhz 8gb ram (Supernatural Forces)
Windows 7 64-bit (Same as Mobo)
Sorry for writing my specs a little skrewy, hopefully someone got a laugh. Anyways, any help would be appreciated, suggestions for fans and/or coolers adored. For Fans I have looked at
http:// to copmletely replace the 3 stock case fans and for CPU Coolers I have looked into http://, simply because I have only one CPU Fan Header. And if its the GPU or PSU, http:// Sorry for long post and being silly. Thanks in advance. BTW, Watercooling is not an option.
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  1. All good choices.
  2. For a CPU cooler, I'd recommend the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO:

    For silent fans, look over the low noise (lower decibel ratings) found here (although if you find one/some you like they may be cheaper elsewhere):

    Additionally, if you are hearing a clicking sound from your HDD, that is not a good sign. You might want to go to WD's website and download their HDD diagnostic tool and run it. It's called "Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows".
  3. Thanks Black Bird and Animal for responding so quickly. I have heard good things about the Hyper 212 Evo. And as regards to the HDD, I was just mentioning that as a point of noise, not that I noticed it, mostly was just a joke. I think I didn't state my question correctly. How can I get noise below 40 db? Would replacing my fan and CPU fan be necessary? Or would simply swapping one or the other be sufficient?
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    Replace whichever ones appear (or sound) to be the loudest. You can unplug the case fan(s) one at a time and see how much quieter your system runs without it to get an idea whether it needs replaced with a quieter one (remember to plug them back in when you are done checking). I do NOT recommend doing this with your stock CPU fan, but with case fans unplugged you should be able to tell if the CPU fan is overly loud.
  5. Thanks Man! Great Idea, except for I used Speed Fan to just turn the PWM3 down to 0%, and then check. I realized my Cooler and Fans were loud af seperate or together, and I just need new fans for both. Defitnetly getting a CPU Cooler first as AMD doesn't have the best control on Heat. :)
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