Best upgrade path?

Ok, I have two options here. I can buy a new SLI motherboard and run my GTX 760 in SLI and then buy a new PSU to go with it or I could wait and then buy a newer single card in the future and then upgrade my PSU and add a SSD. What is a better option?
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  1. Need to know your current specs.
  2. My current specs: i5 4570 GTX 760 ASUS Z87-C Motherboard Corsair CX600w PSU 1tb Hard Drive 8 gb RAM
  3. I game 1080p BTW.
  4. Frankly, the only thing I would do at the moment is get an SSD.

    How satisfied are you with your performance in games?
  5. Well I would to max out BF4 bet I currently run high with no MSAA. It looks decent but I wish I had the power to use MSAA as it looks so much better with it turned on.
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    I mean, the cheapest option would be to grab another 760, if you want to improve your performance.
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