Low frame rates

Hi, so i recently upgraded my pc with

EVGA 760 SC and an AMD FX-4130 and I'm getting seriously low frame rates on Battlefield 4 even on low barley above 30, now I cant think of the problem

i have 12gb ddr3 ram at 1600mhz
500w Corsair cx.

Before i had an AMD pentium x4 850 and an Radeon 6750 and my frame rates where in fact better on Battlefield 4 then this..

i can't work out the problem... Need any more info please let me know!
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  1. Sounds like a driver problem, there is no reason that a 760SC can't play on high settings.

    Try uninstalling your current drivers and re-installing them from their website.
  2. FX-4130 is your problem. Bulldozer chips from AMD suck. You have the equivalent CPU to an Intel Q9550 or a AMD Phenom II 945. You'll need something a little better than that to fully support the 760GTX and to play BF4 better. What motherboard do you have?

    Have you tried medium settings?
  3. I agree, the CPU is the bottleneck here. Obviously his board supports FX Chips, so he should probably get the 8320 or 8350. If that costs too much, then the 6300 or 6350 should do just fine. But you should still check your drivers.
  4. ASUS M5A97 LE r2.0 Motherboard, i have seen people with this CPU and this card and they were getting better frame rates then me :/ i did the drivers no change there
  5. Just checking, did you replace BOTH motherboard & CPU ??
    - You Must reload the operating system from scratch when you do so.... (if your system boots at all of old install of Windows 7 it won't the right chipset drivers and many other bits ....)

    I have an FX-4130 and Old 5870 and can Rock BF3 on High and BF4 on Medium.... (your system should do better)
  6. I just installed windows 8.1 as i heard that helps and you have also said that a new is something needed too so well yeah okay lets see how this works, will answer back when bf4 is installed, still will upgrade to the 8320 i think :) Thanks everyone!
  7. Okay so with windows 8.1 my frame rate has improved but i am still going to be upgrading the CPU to the 8320 :) but i have found the AMD FX-8350 on offer and i don't know is it worth upgrading to that instead? like will i feel a frame rate difference?
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