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Help with 3 day old PC gaming build - freezes intermittently

Last response: in Components
January 11, 2014 12:53:41 PM

Hello Forum.
I'm sure that there are way too many "help, my PC freezes threads", but I wanted to start one for my specific issue.

First, here is a link to my pcpartpicker build:
I also have a .txt file of a CPU-Z report.

Right now, the build has Windows 8.1, gimp2, and steam installed with Borderlands 1 installed. (haven't added anything more other than diag tools that I this morning installed to try to isolate the issue - cpu-z, prime95, speedfan 4.49, furmark)

Second, my experience has been that the PC will freeze at intermittent times.
"freezing" being, primarily, while playing Borderlands 1 on steam, it will lockup, the audio stuttering, and the mouse/keyboard as well as the gamepad is no longer responding to the system. The only option left to me is to either force shutdown or hit the reset.

Prior to Tests:
my bios is updated to the latest firmware. the windows 8.1 did updates last night.

Tests that I've run:
-prime95 while monitoring speedfan. I ran this for an hour and saw as my cpu temp rose from low 30s Celsius to Plato at 55c and 56c. the cpu fan appears to be running

-installed memtest86 to a usb and ran on the computer. it completed testing the two 4g ddr sticks with no errors detected.

- ran FurMark on 720p. (couldn't get it to do a test for 1080). the gpu temp got up to 76c and fan kicked in at 56ish %

- I also ran FurMarks cpu test for grins just to see the cpu temp level off at 56c.

At this point, I think that the only thing that I have left to test would be the PSU, but I don't know how to do that. should I check any other issues that I haven't mentioned.

thanks in advance for the suggestions

PS, one nagging issue that I do have is: when I installed this system, the mobo would not post until I did the memOK button. I believe that this callibrates the memory's speed. the system will only callibrate to and process the memory at 1300mhz, but the ddr3 memcards are supposed to be 1666. could this be something?

January 16, 2014 5:51:05 AM

Well, after testing all of that, I found that the issue was with one of the 4 memory slots on the motherboard. Working out RMA'ing the Mobo now... (yes, I plan to do extensive tesing of the memory slots when I get the replacement.) If anyone in the future has the same issue, try moving the memory around and if using two memsticks, go with one for the testing...