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Hi everyone,

As you can imagine with the new generation of NVIDIA and AMD cards, a lot of people are selling their 600 series and 7000 series NVIDIA and AMD cards. I plan on building a PC at the end of the month, and I came across an ad for a GTX 690 for $600 CAD (obviously no tax, and price is negotiable as well). It has been used for a year and the owner is willing to test it as well so i'm not worried about the condition. Is it worth going after this card or should i get a 700 series NVIDIA card, wait for the R9 cards with aftermarket coolers, or even wait a few months to pick up the Maxwell architecture NVIDIA cards? (I have a 6870 in my PC right now). Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!
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  1. I'm going to assume 13% tax (e.g. Ontario):

    GTX 690: $600, no tax
    GTX 780 Ti: $904 including tax
    R9 280x: $711 including tax

    Perfomance-wise, GTX 690 > 780 Ti > 280x

    GTX 690 is the fastest and the cheapest. However, it is used/no warranty. It also may stink in games that don't support SLI well, since it's 2 GPUs on a PCB.
    GTX 780 Ti is less fast, but still very fast. Very expensive. New/with warranty.
    R9 280x is the slowest of the 3. Not the cheapest, but close. New/with warranty.

    It's really hard to say. Personally I'd be too worried about the lack of warranty and I'd end up with the 280x or the 780 Ti. If you're willing to take a chance, and you're lucky, the GTX 690 is the best and cheapest card of the set. I guess it really depends on your preferences.
  2. Apparently it only has 2gb VRAM which is a problem, I like to mod my games to add high-res textures (such as Skyrim) and I also plan on getting a 1440p monitor... The dual 770's sound great but vram is the issue as well
  3. That is true, but isn't it limited by 256-bit bus? I just checked now, and with the 14.11 Catalyst patch and AMD Mantle (not my main reason for purchasing), a 290x is starting to look really appealing.
  4. I'm not going to lie, the initial reason I wanted a NVIDIA card was due to Shadowplay, geforce experience, physx, etc but thats all starting to look like a gimmick now
  5. OK, let's see. Skyrim, 2560x1440:,3663-9.html

    R9 280x and GTX 770 got 82 fps on ultra. These cost about $500 including HST. Even if your modding hurts performance, how badly can it hurt?
  6. That is true, but now i'm having trouble deciding between the r9 series and specifically the gtx 770 (best price for performance right now)
  7. OK, then I guess you need to find benchmarks for the R9 280x and the GTX 770 at 1440p, see who wins more often in the games you like. Google is your friend...

    Metro: 280x wins by 10%
    CoH2: 280x wins by 30%
    Bioshock: GTX 770 wins by 6%
    etc etc
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