I need help upgrading my HP Pavilion p6206uk Desktop PC

I want to upgrade my PC to that max but i dont want to take out the motherboard. I need to know what are the best PSU and Graphics card i can get for around £100 - £150.

All information about my PC is here,

Everything you see is there apart from putting in a new 8 GB ram and a GeForce GT520 Graphics card.

I want something that will be able to play games with a high FPS (Minecraft ,L4D2 & Garrys Mod are the usuals)
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  1. I take it you want to keep the x3 425 and not upgrade it? Heres what I got:

    The GPU I recommended might even be okay for the 300W PSU your system already has but I listed a 430W PSU still, and if you want, you could spend a bit more for a HD 7770 GPU (the 430W PSU would be okay for it also)
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