Crossfire worsening FPS while gaming? Can't disable Crossfirex after CCC update anymore

I think all this was because when I installed my GPU in CrossFireX I didn't upgrade CCC because they are the same model and already had it installed. Apparently installing CCC fixed it I guess when you run a game though it just takes some time to warm up because it gets low fps at first after a minute I get good fps. Microstuttering? idk.. Let me know what you think

I noticed that I was only getting 20 fps using 2x radeon hd 7850's in CF on CoD Ghosts on Extra settings. So I minimized disabled crossfire and then my fps actually got better. It went from 18-20 to 30-33 fps using a single card rather than both. So I then went to installed the newest graphics hardware now I am getting 40-60fps although when you first run the game it goes to 1 fps then 20 seconds later it goes to 20fps after about a minute it finally gets to 40-60fps why does it take a minute to get 40-60 fps when I run a game? are the 2 cards trying to sync together or something? Also, why did it increase my performance by weakening the GPU by unchecking the box "Enable AMD CrossfireX" now when I go to these settings and try to disable it using catalyst control center I can't. It goes right back to enabled again and is stuck on that. The fps got better though when I installed the newest driver. Do you think I didn't have it setup correctly before?

Is something wrong with the way I crossfired the cards?
I want to be able to disable crossfirex so I can see if my fps gets better or worse

MB: Asus p8z68-v-le (CrossfireX Ready)

Btw I couldn't enter bios settings without the screen being all cut off apparently this new version fixed it. There is a setting I set on my motherboard called PCI Express Mode. There is a x2.0 PCI-E option and X4.0 PC-E option I choose X4 mode because it said it's for higher performance card but I had this checked all along because I think it's related to crossfire on my board
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    Test it with another game, then report back. Ghosts is a badly coded game.
  2. Thanatos Telos said:
    Test it with another game, then report back. Ghosts is a badly coded game.

    I would have to agree with you on that one. It turns out the game doesn't support crossfire mode at all! How sad for brand new game. It also has many Flickering problems and major fluctuates in FPS. I've been doing some research with my problem another guy had the same problem with 2x 7950s even SLI has stuttering and flickering and all types of problems. The fix I found was to disable crossfire and for people who use SLI to disable that also. Unfortunately I can't disable Crossfire anymore might be a bug in newest version of CCC will have to research about that.

    Other games work just fine
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