Unidentified Network, Limited Connectivity, Brand New Computer.

I just bought a brand new computer and I'm using a powerline thingy with a Cat6 cable, and I can't connect to the internet. I've gone through a hell of a lot of forums, and nothing's worked for me.
It says ''Unidentified Network, Limited Connectivity'' and when I open the troubleshooter, it says something like ''IP is not correctly configured'' or something. I'll add further details when anyone asks. GIBE INTERWEBS PLS
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  1. describe your full setup in terms of network
  2. 13thmonkey said:
    describe your full setup in terms of network

    Sorry, my english isn't that good. What exactly do you need? The network settings, router. Please specify (sorry)
  3. tell me what cables plug into where.

    does it work PC direct to router?
  4. The router is on the upper floor, a powerline unit is connected to the router with a Cat5e cable and is plugged into a power outlet (EU plug, if that helps). On the lower floor another powerline unit is connected to a power outlet and is connected to my pc with a Cat6 cable (RJ-45 on the I/O shield). There is a family computer connected to that same router, and it works just fine.
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    do you have any software for managing the powerline connections, like power packet utility, should come with? they may not be linked together?

    Can you login to your router from the machine connected via powerline, i.e. (or 1.0), if you can then powerline is working and we have a different problem.
  6. I did what you said in the last comment and dem Interwebs started working. Thank you. #Notforinternetporn
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