Looking to build a computer that can run Dayz + Rust well $1000 budget. Would appreciate all the help i can get

Hello everyone I'm looking to build my first computer ever so naturally I have no freaking idea what I'm doing at all. The games I'm attempting to play on my current PC are Dayz standalone and Rust but to put it very lightly... I'm experiencing horrendous difficulties. At the moment I got an idea from a Youtube link but I'm not sure about it. Is this how you would choose to use $1000

Intel Core i5-4670K CPU:

Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO CPU Cooler:

MSI Z87-G43 Motherboard:

Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 Graphics Card:

8GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 RAM:

120GB Samsung 840 EVO SSD:

1TB Western Digital Caviar Black Hard Drive:

600W Corsair CX600 PSU:

Corsair 200R Case:

Thank You :)

P.s. I'm not sure if I want to use Windows 7 or 8, my preference is windows 7 atm
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    it looks fine really, solid parts from solid companies, and a good amount of power from the CPU and GPU too

    the only suggestion I would make is to downgrade the hard drive to a Caviar Blue or a Seagate Barracuda, Caviar Black is for performance, you don't need a performance HDD when you have an SSD to do the heavy lifting, a nice general use hard drive will be enough.

    the money you save can go towards upgrading that PSU to a modular version, so you can have better cable management, and/or some case fans
  2. The guy above is right, but possibly a slightly more powerful GPU IMO
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