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I have some questions

1. I am running evga GeForce gtx 680 2gddr5, I am planning to add another video card but the only available is asus GeForce gtx 680 2gddr5 is this two compatible with SLI bridge?

2. my power supply right now is 800w, can I run 2 video cards on this?
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  1. Yes to both. With SLI'ing nVidia cards you only have to ensure they are the same model, ie 680 with a 680, 780 with a 780, etc. They faster card will down clock to match the slowr card. As well they should have the same amount of VRAM.

    As far as your power supply, 800w should be good, but does it have a powerful 12V rail?
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    What is required for SLI is a strong PSU , motherboard, and 2 PCIe x8 slots. They can be both x16 but one running in x8 mode.

    However, I don't recommend SLI. The GTX 680 is already a very strong card. SLI would increase the temperatures and consume a lot more power.

    But if you have a water cooling system and a don't mind the higher power consumption, then sure go ahead. But take note that not all games are compatible with SLI

    There are some rumours of new GPUs from Nvidia coming up this year so that's one option. Or you could go with the GTX 780 ti with extra VRAM
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