FX 4130 OC to 4.3ghz and R9 270 or FX 6300 and HD 7770 1080p gaming

I want to upgrade my PC soon. I currently have an FX 4130 OC to 4.3 GHz and an HD 7770 GHz edition. Not sure if I should upgrade my CPU to the FX 6300 or my GPU to the R9 270. This is for 1080p gaming for games like Battlefield 4, DayZ, etc.
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    I would honestly say the 6300 and even overclock it, because bulldozer was pretty bleh.

    Either is going to end up around the same result...bleh cpu with good GPU or good cpu with okish gpu

    it's a coin toss honestly. Try the r9 270, and if games run too choppy on your fx 4130 definitely get the fx doesn't cost much, about ~$100, and Piledriver is much better than the Bulldozer
  2. The R9 270 will offer the biggest performance gain for the money.

    I would consider overclocking that 4130 more or replacing it with a 6300/6350 when you get the money.
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