Having problems with display after replacing gfx

Greetings, recently I had decided to replace my old gfx (gt 545) for the Asus Gtx 760. However upon booting up my computer which was purchased already built (Hp Pavilion p7-1010a) the hp loading screen would come up but freeze stating I could go into a menu if I press esc which upon doing does nothing. After a little while the desktop would beep once every minute or so, and after a couple of beeps it would beep twice quickly and automatically turning my computer off. Does anyone know what is happening and how it could be fixed? Any help is appreciated.
p.s I had replaced the psu as well so it could handle my new gfx it is a 700W thermal take lite power.
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    Not sure if that psi is good enough. Try a corsair tx 550m or better. your psu only has 30a on a rail
  2. sorry accidently selected as the right answer, i have not yet tried to replace the psu
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