best GPU under $200

what is the best GPU under $200.
note. the GTX 650TI boost is out of stock everywhere. please help
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  1. GTX 660 or R9 270
  2. whitecat said:
    GTX 660 or R9 270

    can you link me them?
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  4. Wait for the 270x to come back in stock, but get them fast. The miners are going to the 270x series as a last resort, pushing them from $189 to $199+.
  5. r9 270 is identical to the r9 270x, but the r9 270x is just overclocked. You can easily overclock it to that speed.
  6. yeah go for 270 and you can even overclock it to reach higher clock same as 270x , 270x is the same as 270 except factory clocked and same in price 660 but r9 270 has better performance for sure u can get it around 180 $ the 200 $ sapphire version has bf4 with it
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