Is my CPU bottlenecking my GPU?

Hi everyone, I'd like to ask you a few questions about Gpu bottlenecking.

So here's the deal, I want to upgrade my GPU to a MSI Radeon HD 7770 Ghz edition 1GB GDDR5 SDRAM or a GTX 560 ti. Sometimes my games seem to lag even if I change the resolutions, and some other they seem to run smoothly. Like, I can run NFS Hot pursuit in Max settings, Skyrim medium settings (1920x1080) and JC2 In Medium with High textures settings and they work like a charm but I just bought Battlefield 3 and even at medium settings (720p) I lag a little.
So, What do you guys think? I have 100 dlls available for a single upgrade and I don't really know If I should stick with the GPU I have and get a new CPU or get a new GPU.

This is my setup:

Athlon II 64 x2 cpu
Nvidia 9800gt 512mb
N-Alvorix-RS880-uATX (Alvorix) Mobo
6GB Ram
Thermaltake 350 watt power supply
CPU cooler Hyper N520

*Also if having to upgrade my CPU is the case, would you recommend me some of them, remember I have socket AM3 and a cooling system already so I would only need the CPU itself.

Thank you for any help you can provide in this situation.
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  1. Well, Yes.

    You will need a new GPU, and before recommending something, we will need to know your budget. The GTX560ti is a 2 generations old card, while the HD 7770 is about the end of its life. There are better cards around that can be even cheaper.

    Also, your processor will hold back most cards in newer games, while you can still run fine your games you will see better results with a quad core processor.

    Tell us your budget and we can recommend what's right for you!
  2. Well both of those cards will call for new PSU so if none planned go with HD7750 which will run fine on your 350watt and a good upgrade from the 9800GT.
  3. I only have 100 bucks avilable... :/
  4. Hd7750 would be good upgrade.
  5. Wow, thats some tough call. With that you can for sure grab a HD 7750 or even a HD 7770. But well, you better grab a PSU, sell for some bucks your PSU+GPU and try to save some for a better GPU, because for a little more money you can get a big step foward of performance over the HD 7750.
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    Have you even read his spec? ..
    Geforce 9800GT was a power needing card, fact that is running on that 350W PSU, means also newer card will run (either psu have additional power connectors, or you are using molex adapter). The only problem wit your gpu is 512MB of Ram on it, this may be problem in newer games, cause they love to store most data on gpu. But much bigger problem is your CPU that is bottlenecking your card, first thing would be changing cpu to newer.
    Every dual core cpu is 'weak spot' in pc. Your motherboard is on AM3 socket, so your cpu is Athlon II X2 , you could buy Phenom X4 at least, of course used, it's hard to find in stores now.
    You can buy newer radeon as mentioned above ad it will work, but remember that your cpu is just to slow for newer games, maybe buy new card, sell old gpu and cpu and try buy some better cpu that will work on your board.
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