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Hey guys, I just basically finished my rig almost and I'm in need of help of finding a good CPU cooler.
I am currently running the stock Intel one which while gaming maxes out my i7 4770k at about 68 degrees.
My question is what can I replace the stock Intel cooler with?
I am looking to spend about £35 maximum on it. I was looking at Hyper 212 Evo however prices have shot up of that CPU cooler. So could you guys please recommend me a cooler if there is something for a lower price on similar performance.

Also I am in need of 4 case fans, preferably 1 140mm and 3 120mm fans as I currently have a bitfenix shinobi windowless case (no side fans) as well as where i should place them. (options are 2 at front, 2 top, 1 rear (all 120mm) and one at base near PSU (140mm). Also would be good if they werent above £7 per fan or somewhere in that range.

Full PC Specs:
i7 4770k
AsRocks z87 Extreme 4
Radeon R9 280X mounted at the lower slot (the slot above the PSU)
8gb Kingston hyper x genesis ram
1TB caviar blue.

Thank you very much for your help.
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  1. Almost any cooler is better than stock, but 68 will not kill the cpu or anything.

    I generally do not use floor fans on cases as they tend to pull all kinds of dust in(I say this as a user with a case that has a floor fan and power supply sucking from the bottom. I have no choice, you do :p ). It may help the video card run cooler so this is your choice. I would use top and rear fans and let the case pull air from the front bottom with the negative pressure.
  2. Any other suggestions?
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