Can my machine power 3 x 27inch screens @ 1920x1080 reso?

Machine Detail:
- Intel Core i7 3770 Ivy Bridge quad core with hyper threading - 4 Cores - 8 Threads
- Radeon HD 7970 Vapor-X 3G Ghz Edition,
- Intel HD graphics 4000,
- G.Skill Rip Jaws 8Gb 1600Mhz RAM (upgraded to 16gb),
- ASUS P8H77-M PRO Motherboard,
- Samsung 840 Series 128GB SSD + Samsung 1TB 7200RPM HDD,
- Cooler Master Hyper 412 Slim CPU Cooler + Corsair Air Series High Performance 120mm Fans

Seems to power 2 fine - just not 3 - I'm a nub with hardware so any suggestions would be awesome!
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  1. The resolution is all that matters in graphics performance and taxing the GPU. You can have a 100000inch 1080p and it wont be any different than a 23inch 1080p on your GPU other than the fact that each pixel will be the size of a melon. That 7970 is a great card and will power 3x 1080p displays, but it will not get you the quality settings and FPS that you may desire. My advice would be to crossfire that 7970 even though I am completely against CF/SLI or just buy a new GPU. Also what are the display outputs on the back of your 7970?
  2. Thanks for your response!

    Display outputs are:

    1 x DVI Male
    1x DVI Fem
    1x DP
    1x HDMI

    I was using a Matrox TripleHead2Go (DP Edition) as of last month when it decided to simply stop working. That had enabled me to use a total of 4 screens easily, but I only need 3 screens for work so now I'm wondering what to do. Could you please explain how I crossfire? Oh and please forgive my nub questions btw.
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    If you've already had the setup working with 3 displays than you neednt worry too much about crossfire. Down below is a quote of what configurations work on multi monitor displays on a 7970.

    If you wish to use more than two displays on a 7970, at least one of them must be connected to a DisplayPort port. The following configurations will work:

    HDMI + HDMI + DP
    DVI-D/VGA + DP + DP
    HDMI + DP + DP
    DP + DP + DP (daisy chain)

    As far as crossfire is concerned, its basically putting 2 cards together to use them both to power your graphics rendering.
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