Help. Laptop is lagging a lot. How to fix?

I got a new laptop

And after playing some games I've noticed I have been experiencing lag spikes every few seconds. On LoL I usually get 30ping on my old laptop but now I just spike from 30 to 400 every few seconds. I searched the web and apparently the wireless card is really poor, its a qualcomm atheros ar956x wireless network adapter. So I was wondering how should I fix this?

I have updated everything, inc drivers yet I'm still experiencing lag.

Any suggestions?

A lot of people are saying swapping it but I just don't know how to and how much resources it would take. Please help. Thank you
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    You can buy an external wireless adapter that plugs in to a USB port:

    As the existing wireless adapter is still functional, you'll need to turn it off if possible, or disable it in Device Manager.
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