can pavilian zd8000 usb 2.0 go to usb 3.0

I have a hp pavillian zd8000 I would like to know if I can utilise the pcmi or express card slot to upgrade t usb 3.0. Got broad band dongle which complains the port 2.0 is too slow. help! I have other ports including 1394 firewire port an expansion port2 says optional note book expansion product. All I want to do is improve dongle performance cheers.
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    Provide some more detail on the "broadband dongle"..... link would be best. Let's see what you have and what your trying to do so I can find an alternate solution.

    Problem with a laptop, you don't have any place faster to plug anything into other that Ethernet connector. (Firewire is fast, but so non-standard these days you won't find much help there)
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