can i upgrade my 2011 asus u24e notebook with i3-2330m 2gb mem. 640gb

I just bought this notebook from a friend after he upgraded. I love it alot, but just wanna know if there is anything i can do to upgrade it so itll be faster, or better looking graphics, or more memory... idk, just looking for suggestions. I still have to go buy a external rom
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  1. I would start by upgrading the ram. It only has 2gb of ram right now and if you upgraded to 4 gigs you could run a 64 bit windows version on it as well. That will help you run a lot more programs as well as give you a speed boost. While the cpu could be upgraded to an i5 or an i7, the boost that you would get isn't worth the money, around $250, in my opinion isn't worth it. Depending on how you use the computer you might look at an ssd as well. Although you will not have as much storage, your overall speed will increase. I hope I helped!!!

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