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I was wondering what CPU cooler i should get if im going to overclock an i5 3570k. Currently i have a i3 3220 with the stock cooler and will be upgrading to the i5. I want to achieve an overclock over 4.5GHz and i have even seen people get a stable 5GHz overclock. I also don't mind if its air or water cooling as long as it fits in my case which is a Zalman Z11. Thanks for any replies!
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  1. I would also like it to be affordable
  2. I was around in the early days of i5 OCing on the 3570k, 4.5 is tricky on air and requires luck (it might be that the chip quality is better than it was and therefore requires less voltage), 4.3 is easy and common, 4.4 still fairly common. So for those people that say they have hit 4.5 you've hundreds that had to stop at 4.3-4.4, and 5, is typically on sub ambient cooling.

    a hyper 212 would be a very good air cooler, or for more expense H100i, which would gain you another couple of C, but probably not enough to boost speed.
  3. If you want to OC to 4.5 an 212 EVO should be sufficient. I actually have a 3570k and just got an 212 EVO. Unfortunately I seem to have to turn the voltage up quite a bit to get to 4.6 (so far 1.4 v) but while playing SC2 the highest recorded temp is around 70 so far. Prime 95 may prove too much but while playing games it doesn't heat the CPU up nearly as much as Prime 95.
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