Can I put two Different types of ram into my mother borad

i have a computer with a mother broad that has four ram slots and two are taking up by 1gb ram sticks and i want to put 2gb sticks in the other slots but the other ram is kvr800d2n6 and the ram i want to put in is kvr800d2n5 will they work with each other
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  2. Mixing DIMMs is often not recommended but will usually work if you align all the DRAM settings with the slowest DIMM.
  3. there both the same pin and mhz and are both ddr2
  4. but one is pc2 and the other is pc
  5. haybale64 said:
    but one is pc2 and the other is pc

    Both seem to be DDR2 (800D2) except the existing ones are CAS6 while the new ones are CAS5.
  6. Not sure if you have an OEM computer, but I had a Dell and tried to add 16GB (2x8) 1600mhz Vengeance RAM to existing 8GB OEM RAM. It only operated at 1333mhz vs. 1600 mhz. There are forum comments that certain performance RAM come this way despite their advertised max speed and then have to be tweaked in the BIOS. The Dell BIOS would not allow for RAM speed tweaking. I ultimately found 11CL value RAM to match the 11CL OEM RAM and now I have 24GB of RAM working at 1600mhz. IT has been working awesome for over 1/2 year now.
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