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I want to sell my old CPU and motherboard on eBay, but here's the problem, I have none of the packaging they came in. I bought the computer custom made at a local computer store in my town and they didn't come with their boxes. Now that I have a new motherboard and CPU I wanna sell them while I can and not just let them collect dust and lose value. How should I ship them if someone buys them? What precautions should i make to get the cpu and motherboard to the buyer safely? I don't want to give someone a damaged motherboard.
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  1. Lack of manufacturer box isn't a problem.
    The best would be wrap them with antistatic/esd foil, then with bubble wrap, and pack to appropriate carton box filled by cutted squashed newspaper, so mobo or cpu wouldn't move during transport, and would be immune to little crushing - thanks to bubble wrap. I always pack any pc parts in that way.
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    I would leave the CPU in the socket and use the packaging of the new motherboard (esp. the anitstatic bag) as much as possible -- it may not fit in the box, but if it does that would be best. Otherwise fashion a box out of cardboard, then pack it inside a second box with some bubble wrap, Styrofoam peanuts, or crushed up newspaper on all sides to protect the inner box.

    And if you have them, send the manual and back plate cover along.
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