Why can't I access my BIOS menu?

I press the Del key and it goes to a screen where at the bottom left corner it says "Entering SETUP..." It stays there and hangs.

I have a Dell Dimension 4100
BIOS Version A05
Intel Pentium 3 Processor 866 MHz
256 MB PC133 System RAM

It is my old desktop from 2001. The hard drive doesn't work because i hear a clicking sound from it.
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  1. the hard drive may be hanging the system. try pulling power from the drive and see if the system posts into the bios.
  2. I currently have the hard drive unplugged from the computer. It is still stuck on POST (I think that's what it's called).
  3. I figured out i needed to unplug my top cd drive. I am trying to get plpbt on my computer so I can boot Xubuntu from a USB. When I try booting it says: Invalid Boot Diskette Insert BOOT Diskette in A:
    I changed the boot setting to 1st IDE-HDD
  4. on older bios see if the boot bios says usb or ext hard drive.
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