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Can anyone link silver k70 for under £90 ?
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    you can search google and ebay or other providers just as well as we can. why should we do your work for you?
  2. What makes you think i haven't searched every site i no that's why i've come here to see if anyone can help. Not for a immature useless comment like that, you don't represent the 'we'.
  3. say and think what you will but that doesnt make my statement any less true. you dont feel like doing it yourself so why should we?

    immature? useless? not likely..... in any case i did spend a few minutes looking around instead of just clicking the "stop tracking this thread" button which is probably what i should have done given the attitude. while its not a solution its probably the best you are going to get unless you just sit tight and look around for a few months.

    the cheapest prices i've seen for uk are the black on amazon for 95gbp f/s, 113gbp for the silver one on ebay, again not counting shipping. granted i didnt spend alot of time looking but that seems to be much less than the average price you would pay just buying it from a store.

    if you want it cheap your best bet is to either wait around for a good deal/sale, buy one used on ebay uk or trade in some points/gift cards towards the purchase of one from an online vendor like amazon. i realize the prices are astronomical 113gbp (thats 186usd and i know for a fact i can find them for 80-100usd brand new here) but honestly there isnt much we can do about that. the prices are what the prices are in your locale..

    even if you bought one brand new over here for 60gbp which is a good deal over here it would still cost you 20gbp to ship and 30gbp import fee/tax which would put you over 100gbp by the time things are said and done. and it wont be in a uk layout.


    TLDR: dont expect us to do all the footwork for you... check ebay often for auctions, check amazon and other retailers for deals - thats your best bet.
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