3tb WD My Book external hard drive not showing up

I have a 3tb external hard drive that only shows roughly 75gb of space on it. I recently let someone borrow the external which they were able to successfully install it internally, though once getting it back I was unable to see any of the data on it. The 2tb partition that I once had is completely not accessible or even visible. I have tried a few data recovery programs which have been unsuccessful in even seeing the missing 2tb. Please let me know if you can help as I have roughly 40gb of my kids photos on it that I would like to recover.

Thank you for all your help

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  1. "Smartware" data was messed. It stores in special reserved zone . Connecting drive via sata , may caused to loss in that reserved area. I hope, My book doesn't have HW encryption set by default?
    Playing further (trying DIY), can kill all the chances.
    Your option : Data recovery firm !
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