Help on third monitor.

I was looking for a good third monitor for a surround setup since my other two only have dvi & vga ( ) and then I came across this monitor ( ) it's exactly, perfectly the same except for the stand and contrast ratio, the ones i have right now are 100,000,000:1 ( 1000:1 ) but the one I want to get as the middle one is 100,000,000:1 ( 1,000:1 ) and I'm just checking if the "," makes a difference or is it a typo?
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  1. um.... its just a comma. they are the same number. why can't you used DVI for the third monitor? that is the preferred way to connect them and HDMI is the same exact signal as DVI anyway
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    The specs. of the new monitor are very similar to what you have and the only difference I can see is that the new monitor has a HDMI port along with the DVI and VGA. The contrast ratio and response time is the same as is the screen resolution and LED back lighting.
  3. get the same monitor as you already have 2 of. that way everything is consistent - colours, size / height, controls, etc.

    which graphics card(s) are you using? you might need an adapter if you're forced into DisplayPort, or you might be totally OK with just DVI and VGA (and like others said, HDMI to DVI is a trivial conversion, I use several HDMI-to-DVI cables in my setup)
  4. The thing is, I have a single GTX 770 which has 2 DVI, 1 HDMI, and 1 DisplayPort. So I can't have 3 DVI at once.

    Edit: So a little off topic, so that monitor would be a very similar to the others and overall good monitor for my setup? And the image will look exactly the same or at least hard to tell from my 2 other monitors?
  5. if your card will support 2 DVI and 1 HDMI, then it will equally support 3 DVI since that HDMI can be converted to DVI using just a cable. which means you could just buy the same monitor you already have and not worry about DVI versus HDMI

    however, if your card is obnoxious and expects you to use the DisplayPort for the 3rd output, then you might have issues. does it work with a passive adapter? or does it need an active one? either way, you can convert that to a DVI just like above, meaning you can buy the same monitor as you already have..... (sound familiar?). the only hitch is finding the right kind of DisplayPort-t0-DVI adapter. passive ones are cheap on eBay. active are ?????
  6. I heard that the adapters aren't really that good. Since I want the setup for gaming mostly, I want that all the monitors worked together buttery smooth. So If there are good adapters, I might go that route.
  7. technically, it's an adapter but not a converter (which would be cause for concern). the protocol is the same (the HDMI interface is made to detect DVI connection and work accordingly), it's only the physical connector itself that's different.

    in essence, HDMI is DVI with extra stuff. this "extra stuff" that you'd lose by going HDMI-to-DVI is irrelevant since your other 2 monitors don't support it anyways (since they're only DVI from start to finish).

    if anything, you'll see a larger difference by mismatching monitors than you would by using an HDMI-to-DVI cable.

    but in the end, it's entirely your choice. :) you'll be the one looking at all three screens side by side, not us!
  8. I really don't know... Since the middle monitor is perfectly the same except for aesthetic purposed ( which are pretty small ) and natively has HDMI... But then I would prefer having all the monitors to be the same, but I'm still not sure about the adapter... So far I think I'm leaning towards the adapter.
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