why WD green 3TB shows capacity as less than 1TB

Installing a 3TB WD green HD into an OWC case. In Mac OS 9.1 when formatting disc utility to partition, the drive only shows 801GB. Why does it not show 3TB or thereabouts? More importantly, how do I correct this? I intend to use this drive as a backup with time machine.
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  1. What model of Mac do you have. ?

    It will be down to the OS or the Mac machine, how new or old it is.
    The OS or the Mac needs to be able to map the free space of the 3tb drive.
    Sometimes it can be down to a limitation of the machine/computer Bios.
  2. Thanks for the reply. It should be good. The iMac is a 2011, 27 inch, running OS 10.9. It should be new enough to handle the 3TB drive and the OWC enclosure. The enclosure is a currently selling one and should be able to handle up to 4TB. I am confused as to why the disc utility only sees 801.23 GB. I hope you can help me set this up correctly.
  3. We talked about the of the version of Mac OS in respect to hard drive size.
    The size of the drive may have to be formatted via a set file system.

    If the drive was not formatted via HSF then it would result in the loss of about 3tb drive space.

    It will be in respect to the build version of the OS as to the maximum capacity a drive can be formatted to in HFS. Or the current OS version can map of the capacity of the drive. It can be limited by the OS version running.
    Have a check on the format of the drive, then you know the problem.

  4. Here is what I found out. The iMac is performing correctly. The OWC Mercury Elite Pro enclosure in which I mounted the 3TB drive is only capable of using 2.2TB. It therefore, according to OWC, is showing to the iMac the difference between its capability and the size of the drive. So, the max the enclosure electronics supports is 2TB. Bummer.
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