Corrupt drive C for Windows 7

i'm running Windows 7, tried to run updates and it's telling me that drive C: is currupt, do to a recent package update. But it won't let me do a recovery to an earlier date. I don't have any disks for my Windows 7, just the program that was installed on the computer when i bought it. How can i fix this??
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    I would download a copy of the same version of Windows 7 that you use from HERE and do a system repair or repair installation if the system repair fails.

    If you need to do a repair installation, HERE is a good tutorial.

    You probably should also run chkdsk and also look at the SMART values on the drive, to insure that it is functioning properly.
  2. Think about a full backup of all your personal data before taking any other action! Messages like that sometimes indicate a hardware problem and you hdd may fail soon.
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