best graphics card for gaming, around £200-250

i am going to build a gaming computer and i am wanting to make sure that the graphics card which im going to buy is going to work and be worth its money.

some that i have been considering are:
EVGA geforce gtx 760 2GB
Sapphire VAPOR-X R9 280X OC Graphics card - 3 GB
Asus GTX 770 Nvidia GeForce 2GB
Generic R9 280X GC-XR928X2

thanks for any replies :)
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  1. I personally am looking at the gigabyte r9 280x, mainly because it has 3gb of vram and it's the cheapest 280x(i think) but take my opinion with a grain of salt.(will be my first gaming pc lol)
  2. The Sapphire is the cheapest 280x at the moment, but the XFX comes with BF4 for $10 more.
  3. Im in the uk, gigabyte 280x is 225 pounds but the sapphire dual x 280x is 231 pounds.
  4. Ah, alright. Prices do change often. Just go for a 280x, whatever brand, doesn't really matter.
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