hd 7770 2gd5 dual display bsod

I built a computer,

biostar 970 ta
16 gb ram ( 4 x 4gb )
amd fx 8350 8x 4 ghz
128 gb ssd
1 tb hdd
800 watts bronze sli/crossfire ready psu
2 x asus hd 7770 2gd5 crossfired
6 case fans and 2 internals for extra airflow on gpus
running win 7 64
all updates except internet explorer have been installed
bit torrent

I use 2 screens one plugged dvi and the other hdmi
for some time i have been having trouble with the cards, a few months ago was getting randomly flashing spots changing in color and size when playing a game, after a driver update it was fixed but still seemed weird

more recently i started getting bsods so i started troubleshooting,
tested de memory one stick at the time so unless all 4 are broken thats not it,
i made a couple fresh installs of windows,
tried a different os harddrive
took out one of the gpus on idle it stayed on days, when browsing chrome with a few tabs crashed
swapped the cards second one did the same bsod ( atikmpag.sys )
i tried plugging only the dvi screen rather than both screens and instead of bsods, i get display drivers stopped working and recovered messages but runs smoothly other than that

It doesn't seem to be a hardware problem but ati and asus have been pretty useless so far so I'm hoping you guys can help me out, i learned my lesson to not buy ati again but for now would really like to get theses running properly

tks in advance for your time it's very appreciated
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  1. well i uninstalled ccc 13.9 and reinstalled 13.4 seems to have fixed will update in a few days or if fails again
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