I've got a perfectly readable usb external drive. But suddenly I can't move, copy or rename the files. I get a frozen system

CRC error prevents some operations - but data is still ok
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    Test the external drive with SeaTools for Windows:

    Use the Long/Extended test, and if the test finds nothing wrong with the drive, test the RAM modules with a bootable CD containing Memtest86. Download the CD Image (ISO file) from here:

    Use IMGBurn to create the CD from the ISO file:
    Boot your PC from that CD and the RAM test will run automatically and continuously until you press the <ESC> key. Four passes is sufficient to reveal any RAM errors if there are any.

    Test each RAM module on it's own so you know which ones (if any) are faulty.
  2. Thanks. I found that I am able to use "xcopy" as long as the destination is not on the same drive…
    but there are lots of files and directories, so I would rather fix the drive that is giving the CDC error.
    Drive will read, but not write, rename, or move files to anywhere else on the same drive.
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