Cheapest card possible to max Skyrim at 1920x1080

I am upgrading from a Crappy GT 630 which is 2GB but is not powerful enough for that frame buffer size I got it cheap when I built my PC I have a Phenom II X6 8 gigs of ram what would be the cheapest performance upgrade and be able to max Skyrim at 1920 at about 40-60 fps
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  1. A 270x or 760 should do that for you.
  2. ouch fellas easy on the wallet lol I am playing it right now High settings at 1824X1026 No AA 8 samples Anisotropic Filter with Medium shadows with some Tweaks offline and I get around 30 fps I am sure this game can be maxed with something a little less
  3. what about a 7770 1gb will that suffice using a 38 inch LED TV I mean the GT 630 is pretty impressive for a cheap card I can run games pretty high and it's only DDR3 mem with about 92 stream processors Give or take at 810 Mhz Core clock I mean I am sure something above that would be much more impressive
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    Well try the maximum settings and see how hard it hits your framerate. If you want a really cheap card gio with the 7770, but it will definitely not max it out @60fps. More like 40fps. (will be 30-40% faster) (will definitely max it out)

    by the way look at those rebates.. i'm so jealous of you muricans (im dutch, tech is a lot more expensive here).
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