how do i override my system and install windows xp pro with only the oem product key

i have a windows xp pro oem product key

I want to completely erase my system (windows 7) and install the windows xp


how is it possible to reformat my computer to it's original settings with no disk
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  1. You need a new CD Key for XP. That key is tied to the system it was installed on.

    Question though; why are you installing XP instead of 7?
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    You need either an XP install disk and a valid activation key, or the restore partition that existed on the HDD when you bought it, or the DVDs you were supposed to create not long after you bought it.

    But XP? Just don't.
    XP has less than 3 months of safe life left. April 8, it goes completely off support. No security patches, no upgrades...nada
  3. Not only that, if your going that far back, you probably can't find drivers for your various components. Many people forget that new products may not have drivers for your components. Check before you jump.
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