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A lot of my reading so far has looked at people who have tired to connect to a VPN unsuccessfully, which resulted in limited- or zero- connectivity. I don't have this issue.

My internet works fine before using a gaming-orientated VPN client (such as Battleping or Pingzapper). It also works fine while the VPN is in use. However, once I disconnect from the VPN client and restart a program (such as firefox, VLC radio, or the VPN client previously used), the aforementioned program does not connect to the internet.

The only fix I've found so far is to system restore back to a point prior to connecting to the VPN client. Driver re-installation does not fix the issue. CCleaner does not help either. All drivers are up to date. Windows Update is up-to-date. Sophos Firewall is set to allow all traffic (and I'm also getting the same problem with no anti-virus or firewall installed).

To me, it sounds as if some sort of configuration file is getting modified incorrectly resulting in the inability to "switch" between environments correctly.....? I don't know, maybe someone else has some better ideas.

Applicable system specs:
Asus z87 gryphon mobo (inbuilt ethernet)
Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64-bit
Sophos Endpoint Security

* Connected to university/college internet (no login credentials, plug-and-play via ethernet wall socket)

Let me know if you need any extra info from me.
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  1. Issue resolved; antivirus was to blame.

    furthermore, despite not having the antivirus installed, some files were modified by the antivirus suite before removal, which carried over the problem even when nothing should have been interfering.
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