can the ram voltage exceed the amount of voltage my CPU recommends?

I'm getting "Intel Core i7-4770K" along with G.Skill Ripjaws Z series 32GB DDR3 2400 V1.65 RAM.

when I looked up on pcpartpicker to see if everything's compatible, it said that the RAM voltage exceeds the amount of voltage the CPU recommends, which is "1.5V+5% (1.575V)".

should I get memory sticks with 1.5V or am i allowed to stay with the 1.65V?
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  1. It can but it shouldn't, heard somewhere that it lowers life of the CPU, as well as voiding your warranty. I personally would not buy any RAM kits over 1.5v for intel systems.
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    It's perfectly fine - the 1.5 recommendation is for stock 1600 sticks, Intel even certifies many of the higher freq 1.6-1.65 sticks
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