Core i7 860 with Asus P7H55-M Pro Mobo and GT220 Nvidia card, no video from any of the outputs

Have a Corei7 860 and Asus P7H55-M Pro Motherboard, I have a GT220 Nvidia graphics card but theres no video output from either video card nor Mobo.
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  1. Forgot to say that I was working with that system with a GTX580 Nvidia Graphics card, I upgrade my CPU and Motherboard so I can build a PC for my dad and used the old GT220 card, but I receive no video from the motherboard or from the video card.
  2. What is the wattage of your power supply, maybe it is getting overloaded, check your cable or try a different one.
  3. Its 500W but, the system is powering up, I have used it before, think of it as returning to an old PC. Does it have to do anything with the Core I7 860 not having integrated GPU?
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    Before putting Core i7 you checked that if it is compatible with the motherboard right? Does your computer shows you mobo (logo of the company) when you start the computer.
  5. I did it , I changed the location of the only RAM memory stick to another slot, and it worked.
  6. Glad it worked for you.
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