HP 6730s "hard drive lock"?

Guy bought this unit on ebay, when I power on this unit after the HP logo screen, it goes to a "Notebook hard drive lock password", the seller says he purchased this unit in a "lot" and does not know the password. I tried pressing the ESC key but it does not go to the BIOS, I would like to put a new OS on this unit but since I cannot go to the BIOS to choose the Boot order, what can I do here please?
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    You have 2 options:

    1. Send the drive back to the manufacturer ($$$) and they can apply their master key to unlock the drive. You won't be able to access any of the old data once this is done but the drive can be repartitioned and formatted for use.

    2. Replace the drive.
  2. So no way to reload the OS without replacing the drive?
  3. Correct. Without the password the drive is permanently locked.
  4. Appreciate it, thanks!
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