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My keyboard is a razer arctosa and about 7 months after I bought it it kept turning it self off and I had to unplug and plug the usb back in ain for it to work and as I'm typing this it is going off. When it first did it I almost sent it back but after a couple of weeks it was fine with the odd cutting off but I was too lazy to send it back and have to wait to get it back or get a new one but lately it has been doing it every couple minuets and I would really like if someone could tell me why its doing this and to be honest I dont think the keyboard is broken. I can't type much more as its going off but thanks in advance.
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    Do you have an old, cheap keyboard you can use for a bit to see if indeed it is the keyboard or the PC? Also, do you have another PC you can use to try out the Razer? That would help you determine if it's your computer, the Arctosa, or the Arctosa with your computer. If it's the last option then there may be issues with drivers or some sort of other incompatibility issue.
  2. the night i posted this i ordered for a pick up a roccat ryos and i got it on Wednesday and this keyboard is amazing! I forgot to close this thread but you will still get the best solution, thanks anyway.
  3. um, how do I close a thread?
  4. I think threads will remain open unless closed by a moderator, but I'm not 100% sure on that. I've heard good things about the Roccat.
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