Fx8350 vs fx8320 vs 6300

I would like to know which cpu is better for the price.Will the 6core cpu and 8core cpu have any diffrence in gaming?Will it make me loose fps? And if u want to know my build I will be building :
R9 270x
12gb 1600mhz
1tb wd blue
Nzxt source 220
Asrock 970 or 980
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  1. I forgot to say I have corsair tx750 80+bronze
  2. In terms of fps the three will do their job but i would go for the cheaper one .

    Anyway take a look at this : and tell us
  3. The 8320 is the best out of those three because it's $40 cheaper than the 8350 and can be easily overclocked to 8350 speeds. Depending on the game, the 8 core will be better than the 6 core. One thing that markaflias didn't tell you was the benchmarks he posted were in single player. I can assure that the AMD A10 would struggle to put 95 frames up in multiplayer. It would significantly bottleneck the 290 used in the test. Where single player is scripted, multiplayer isn't. The environment in BF4 multiplayer is very taxing. An 8-core will do better than the 6-core.,3634-10.html
  4. Ouu , forgot that multiplayer /single player thing . Sorry but anyway 60 frames are in all 3 cpus :D .
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    the 8320 can easily be overclocked to the 8350's 4.0ghz, people usually get about 4.5-4.6ghz on average, it's a great cpu that goes on sale for about ~$150

    at 200 that the 8350 costs, I'd rather just go intel at that point honestly, but for cheap AMD is great.

    FX 8320+Hyper 212 Evo(although evo has shot up in price, other higher end air coolers you may like more)

    you're going to be good because the new consoles use weak AMD 8 core cpus clocked at only 1.6ghz each I believe
  6. The 8320 can be overclocked (right out of the box with the stock cooler) to 8350 speeds. For $40 less. You can spend those savings on other parts of your build.
  7. markaflias said:
    Ouu , forgot that multiplayer /single player thing . Sorry but anyway 60 frames are in all 3 cpus :D .

    It happens. What do you have a 5900 RPM disk?
  8. paired with the 270x, get the 6300...
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