I have a fx 6300 and want to overclock it to 4.1.

Do I need a liquid cooler or will a air cooler work like the 212?
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  1. either will work. a good air cooler will be better than a closed loop water cooler, but a closed loop water cooler out performs cheaper air coolers.
  2. So what air cooler would you suggest I get then?
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    Cooler Master 212 EVO.. it will allow you to even go to 4.4 ghz levels
  4. the hyper 212 would work fine but it's shot up to about 40 bucks on amazon/newegg for example. If you can get it cheap it's great for the price. For not much more money you could get this phanteks for example which would be better than the 212

    this one is huge but high end air cooler, $75

    smaller 120mm is $60
  5. Thank you very much I will go with the 212
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