Input to Computer not working!

Hey guys.

I recenty posted about this and was told to reset CMOS in order to get ANY sort of keyboard/mouse working. My PS2 mice wouldn't work as well as PS2 Keyboards. Also, no USB devices would work.

So, I reset the CMOS and now, miraculously, the PS2 keyboard I have works, which is great. Now that I can actually sign into windows, the USB>PS2 adapted mouse won't work either. I tried a PS2 mouse, a USB mouse, USB keyboard, and a USB mouse that had an adapter for PS2 yet nothing works.

Long story short, PS2 keyboard works now but no mice work, including the USB keyboard I have. When i plug in the USB accessories, it always keeps saying "USB device has malfunctioned, etc"

What to do? I need to use my computer!
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    do Keyboard and mouse work in Safe Mode?
  2. Emerald said:
    do Keyboard and mouse work in Safe Mode?

    For some reason today they magically worked. I have no clue how. xD Thanks for help anyway.
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