H100i high temps

I'm having some issues with my Corsair H100i I just bought a Intel i7 4770k LGA 1150 with a Maximus Vi extreme mobo.

I only have a very mild overclock at 4.2 GHZ @ 1.168 volts and the temperatures are insane!

Sitting at idle I'm getting about 56-60 degrees (Celsius of course)
Under load running prime95 I max out at 109 degrees on the hottest core (106 second hottest)

Admittedly I used the stock thermal application with the H100i and it seemed like I was getting horrible contact so round two and three I used my own paste by thermaltake and remounted the cooler. The numbers remain consistent.

Could I still have bad contact? I'm not really a fan of the mounting system Corsair chose to implement.
Has the Haswell IHS been known for being faulty. (I believe IVY bridge did have that problem.)

any ideas?

**SORRY FOLKS A BIT OF AN EDIT** I'm running 1.168 volts not 1.68v my appologies for the confusion.
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    1.68v? That seems a bit excessive, and appears to be your issue. I have seen people running 1.3v @ 4.5GHz easily on that.
    Try turning down the voltage and see if that helps, which is should.
  2. You are literally frying your CPU. Like, I expect it to die. Really badly. You might have knocked a few years off your CPU, mobo and PSU. Try 1.3vcore.
  3. Hm...sounds to me like your pump might be dead?
    Can you check this?
  4. Som3one said:
    Hm...sounds to me like your pump might be dead?
    Can you check this?

    Same here after the edit. I've heard of a lot of the H100 series pump's failing.
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